About Mulugeta Belay Law Office

Mulugeta Belay law office has started to work on January 2011. The office has extensive experience in advising and representing Clint on wide range of legal issues related with criminal, contract, property, family and business. MR. Mulugeta belay is a qualified lawyer with an extensive court litigation experience. He went to Mekelle University and got his LLB just after law school he joined Ministry of justice (general attorney). He has been working as a public prosecutor for over 5 years. He has been served as a litigant in front of the court.

He has also been involved in several international cooperation matters in the ministry. Foreign awards, mutual legal assistance, extradition, negation of bilateral agreement are among others.

Now MR. Mulugeta is an attorney and consultant at law at federal courts at any level. Since 2011, Mr. Mulugeta Belay has been appeared in front of the court as a litigant and defender of his client. He has worked as a consultant for national, regional, international organizations


The office has a practical experience in representing client in front of a court of law in all fields listed below. Mr. Mulugeta Belay has hosted a television show called Chilot (court) for the last 9 years. The show has awarded as a best television show of the year due to its contribution for the public at lager in crating awareness about Ethiopian laws. As a host and law scriptwriter of the show, Mr. Mulugeta got a lot of experience.

Our Commitment

"Mr. Mulugeta Belay has hosted a television show called Chilot (court) for the last 9 years."

Our History

  • 2019 - Moves its headquarters to a new building
  • 2016 - Mulgeta belay creates its new brand
  • 2014 - mulgeta Office opens in Addis Ababa
  • 2012 - hosting tv program
  • 2011 - Mulugeta goes into business